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CEO: Krisztián Földi Japan krisz@fourflash.com
Game Programming: Norbert Kett Hungary norbert@fourflash.com
Design & Graphics: Levente Sédtői Hungary levente@fourflash.com

Nowadays, strategy games are relegated to the background and we think that is not only because of the quality or the changed trends. In our opinion recent games are focusing on action only and building, upgrading, producing, supporting are secondary. Our goal is to revive and modernize these key elements that worthily made Command and Conquer series, Starcraft so successful and popular. World War work, based on traditional strategy games. This game is processing a fictitious story after WW II. Its main purposes are to represent the Central and Eastern Europe armored forces which are still obscure for many. The campaign includes 12 missions, meanwhile the player can get more and better units.All the courses have main and secondary missions. On the end of each mission the player can get experience points and some improvement tokens as well. The game has got no pre-defined difficulty levels at the beginning! It is starting with normal difficulty parameters, and then if the AI finds the player’s playing ability lower or higher than the “normal” during the game, it switches the difficulty level automatically. Two-player mode is in our plans either, in this case the difficulty will be enhanced of course. Multiplayer game mode has two parts: in the first one we can select the maps and play free battles from 1vs1 to 4vs4. Each player has its own profile, in which he can select his country. The player can check his won/lost battle rate and his points here, he will get his ranking by these points. If as a lower ranked player you defeat a higher one, you get additional extra points. The other type of internet game mode is part of a global expansive operation. In this mode all the players are representing their own countries, and possessing a given territory at the start of the battle. He can launch attacks on the neighboring countries. The assaulter gets an opponent player from the contested country. The territories will belong to the country which has more victories on that given map. This is how one can expand his supremacy on the main map. The game’s main purpose is to demonstrate the forces of the ‘Eastern block’ countries. The player can find Slovakian, Hungarian, Russian, Rumanian and –in the multi-mode- Japanese units. This is what makes this game a unique, because earlier WWII. strategy games did only represent English, German and US troops in most cases! All sides have got: 2 heavy tanks, 1 self-propelled gun, 3 light tanks, 3 types of armored vehicles (commander, heavy MG and flamethrower), repairing & carrier trucks, and 3 different guns. Infantry: rifle, machine-gun, sniper, anti-tank, medic and commander troops. It means 20 different units! The player can easily measure his forces and resources, then evolve his own strategy! At the start of the game the player has to build up his base. In the next step he can build the selected units, if the requested manufacturer buildings are finished. You can find radio transmitters on the map, which are necessary to maintain communication between the headquarters and the field troops. The player gets extra money for the possession of these stations, and this money can be spent on tokens that are indispensable for improvements, production or construction.

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